Bar Cases

During sound recovery, we know that the principle of producing surround sound is the same as that of artificial reverberation. If we simulate the direct sound of the stage with the sound emitted by the dual channel speakers placed directly in front under the same conditions when replaying music, and then add two speakers in the rear, and after an appropriate delay (similar to the delay caused by the reflected sound in the original concert hall), the music signal is broadcasted from the two speakers placed in the rear, The sound sensation obtained by the ears of the listener sitting in the middle position will definitely be like sitting in a concert hall. Therefore, the sound field of the entire concert hall will reappear in your room, which is the mechanism of surround sound. Of course, the reverberator can also expand the sound field to make the sound more full and three-dimensional, but it only uses the sum of the direct signal and the reflected signal to broadcast on the front two speakers, so the effect is certainly not as good as the surround sound sound system with four speakers and direct sound and reflected sound respectively.

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